……a photographers’ perspective.

Few things are as exciting and challenging as planning a wedding. The potentiality of new beginnings and the diversity of the individual event, a million sub-events coupled with expectations and budgets makes wedding-planning an informal branch of engineering, I would say.

However, in the midst of all this, sticking to the script with the objective at hand is very important. One thing that stays clear as an objective is the media coverage your big day gets. Several things make this a prominent objective that one cannot downplay if they want to take the day seriously:

  • Other than the rings, few things will beat media in the test of time
  • Re-living that day through visiting the photos will almost all the time remind one of the hope and faith it took to create what they have and resolve to bear their partners.
  • Those who did not get to attend can only experience the day via the visuals

That said, we can all see why it is important to have a venue that supports the type of image you want to project from this day onwards. We all agree, deep inside us there is a glass we want our families viewed from. Stop thinking about the budget, yet.

Involving a photographer in location scouting is very important. It prepares them mentally to see things as you see them. They can as well add some input in order to give you the best product possible. If you have paid a deposit, most professionals won’t even charge for this consultation. See what we did to the budget there?

Wedding photographers are among the toughest bunch. To get a good wedding photographer means that they have shot several weddings, with almost always a good track record of results. You do not practice in isolation as a wedding photographer but you do it on site. It is that shot or no shot.

The technical aspect.

Garden weddings, with all the beauty of flowers and nice scents which come as hybrids of natural flowers and a mix of classy colognes – (please only use classy colognes for weddings, thanks) – and the greenery of the trellis and walkways made of wooden bridges and mazeras stone cuts on freshly mowed grass slightly exposing some wet red soil create instant memories and nostalgia to most of us.

Sometimes the photo you as the couple want needs technical expertise. What the eye sees and what the camera captures have a so huge divide that you cannot just wish for results without consulting the photographer.

Gardens are a favorite for most experienced photographers. They are pushed to a creative spot making it almost certain that they will produce some good results. Avoiding gardens with lots of shade until it looks dark – I did not mention that one near Banana Hill, don’t accuse me wrongly- making it hard to capture natural light as much as one would love. Instead, it is better to pick an open one and use canopy tents to reduce the sharp midday sun from spoiling your images yet providing them with as much visibility as possible.

Last but not least, your choice of photographer really matters. At Skater Photography we walk with our clients through the journey to make sure that we are on the same page. We understand the assignment with our hearts. From the eve of the wedding day, we take responsibility of the work as if it were our last dance. We have produced works that have been unbeaten for the last decade. Engage us today as you plan your big day and make it an absolute success.